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November 25, 2012

Full SAGE RCA Kit Installed on a 2IS

Mahalo to Art...this 2IS owner from Hawaii is running 19" wheels on OEM stock (spring/shock) suspension and wanted a drop without the hassle and price tag of aftermarket springs, coilovers, or airbags.  Instead, he opted for SAGE RCA kits (30mm fronts / 30mm rears) all around.   The rear kit is also a camber kit.  It offers up to +3 degrees of positive camber correction to save the life of your rear tires.

Installation was simple as well.  This entire job can be done yourself with some tools (i.e.: hydraulic jack, torque wrench, breaker bar, metric socket set w/ extensions, and a 12mm male hex socket).

For price, shipping and paypal info. for the SAGE RCA kits, see this blog post...

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