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Friday, December 27, 2013

SAGE rear 30mm RCA camber kit with Camber Adjustment for Lexus 2IS (IS-F IS250 IS350) & 3GS (GS300 GS350 GS430 GS450H GS460)

SAGE rear 30mm RCA camber kit with Camber adjustment using insert blocks for the 2IS and 3GS...$300.00

Thanks to San Diego ClubLexus member...."greyhndfan" for the following pics.

His installation was performed by Johnny Ha of Johnny's Auto Center in San Marcos, CA (San Diego area).  Please call them for questions on this install.  They can be reached at 760-891-0204.

As with the 3GS rear RCA kit, this kit provides approx 30mm of drop to your existing height.  Its also provides 3 available settings...+1 degree, +2 degree, and +3 degree....of camber correction using the provided insert blocks.

Price for the SAGE front kit see this blog post...

Shipping to the States is usually $13 usd via USPS Medium Flat Rate box. Canada is $43 usd, and all other International Countries are $62 usd.

Select the insert block you want to use for the desired camber correction needed.  There are 3 available settings...+1 degree, +2 degree, and +3 degree camber correction.

The pics below shows the owner (greyhndfan of ClubLexus) selecting the +1 degree camber correction.  He is on stock spring/shock suspension.

BEFORE Installation of the rear 30mm RCA camber kit on a 3GS (GS300) on OEM stock spring/shock suspension and 20" Work staggered wheels...

AFTER Installation of the rear 30mm RCA camber kit on the same 3GS (GS300) on OEM stock spring/shock suspension and 20" Work staggered wheels...

Notice the gap between the wheels and the wheel fender is eliminated by 30mm.


Paul C Lam said...

Are these compatable with Figs mega arm ?

Lexi Imports said...

Sorry...dont think so.