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November 25, 2015

Grinding the LS400 Brake Caliper for the 2GS - DON'T DO IT!!

For the 2GS and 1SC gang...upgrading to the front LS400 caliper is an affordable option, however, in order to fit this larger caliper, some people have decided to grind the caliper and/or the tie rod bolt/nut.

Please....DO NOT grind your caliper and/or the outer tie rod bolt/nut.

No matter what anyone says...grinding is UNSAFE!!! 

I see these types of ghetto modifications by owners who can't afford to do it properly.  Is it worth you and your passenger's safety or life?

Do it right...install a front RCA kit.

Here are some examples of some people who have attempted to grind their LS400 calipers.

WOW!!!  Too much grinding and put a hole into the caliper brake fluid chamber...say goodbye to this LS400 caliper!!!

Here is another example....this person grinded both the caliper and the outer tie rod bolt/ castle nut.  That pin will eventually fall off....and that castle nut is structurally compromised.


Pedo said...

Why not just buy 1995 ls400 lower ball joints?

Peter H. M. Lee said...

LOL...cant cuz the LS400 ball joint wont fit on the GS.