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November 25, 2012

Full SAGE RCA Kit Installed on a 2IS

Mahalo to Art...this 2IS owner from Hawaii is running 19" wheels on OEM stock (spring/shock) suspension and wanted a drop without the hassle and price tag of aftermarket springs, coilovers, or airbags.  Instead, he opted for SAGE RCA kits (30mm fronts / 30mm rears) all around.   The rear kit is also a camber kit.  It offers up to +3 degrees of positive camber correction to save the life of your rear tires.

Installation was simple as well.  This entire job can be done yourself with some tools (i.e.: hydraulic jack, torque wrench, breaker bar, metric socket set w/ extensions, and a 12mm male hex socket).

For price, shipping and paypal info. for the SAGE RCA kits, see this blog post...

November 24, 2012

Complete SAGE RCA kit installation - 3GS

Installation Complete....front 20mm and rear 30mm RCA stiffen up the AirRunner ride.  How does this work?  We used the RCA to drop the car, thus in order to get back the same desired height, you need to add more air (higher psi) in the airbags...which provides a stiffer and more controlled feel.

The 2IS/3GS rear RCA kit comes with camber adjustment using insert blocks....same concept as the 2GS/SC430 rear RCA kit.

For price, shipping and paypal info. for the SAGE RCA kits, see this blog post...

September 10, 2012

2GS - SAGE Front RCA kit (30mm) + LS400 Calipers + 15mm H&R spacer + 16" Stock Wheels = NO RUBBING!!!

Originally posted on ClubLexus by me.

I slapped on my stockers today to get a safety check.....but also to answer a few PMs from other members who wanted to know if SAGE front RCAs (30mm) will NOT rub the inner wheel barrels of the stock 16" wheels....the answer is NO clears!! 

I also have LS400 front calipers with LS400 size rotors....I used 15mm H&R you can see....also NO rubbing issues... ....there's like a 4mm gap from the top of the LS400 caliper to the inner wheel barrel (my wheel balance weights is 2mm now I only got 2mm left ). Also, there's about 3mm from the wheel spokes to the face of the LS400 caliper.

For price, shipping and paypal info. for the SAGE RCA kits, see this blog post...

June 23, 2012

Blitz style mesh grill for Lexus 06-08 IS250 IS350

Blitz replica grill with emblem kit for the Lexus 2IS...model year 06-08 only.

Price is $100 usd for the grill.  Shipping and insurance is extra.  Add 4.22% to the total if using paypal.

*NOTE...Emblem kit sold separately.

June 1, 2012

LEXON Exclusive style Roof Spoiler for LEXUS IS-F IS250 IS350

LEXON Exclusive replica roof spoiler with emblem.

Fits IS-F, IS250, and IS350.

Price is $200 usd.  Shipping, insurance and international shipping is extra.  Add 4.22% if using paypal.