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November 27, 2015

SAGE front RCA kit (20mm, 25mm, 30mm) for Lexus 2006 - 2015 GS300 GS350 GS430 GS450H GS460 (3GS and 4GS)

SAGE front kit - 20mm, 25mm, 30mm (choose your size). 

This kit drops your the front of your 3GS (aristo) by either 20mm, 25mm, or 30mm to eliminate the large fender to wheel gap and balances your ride with the rear.  It comes with new 12.9 high grade hex bolts and hardware. This kit fits all 3GS model lines...including AWD versions, and works with any suspension system (stock spring/shocks, aftermarket spring/shocks, coilovers, air suspension, etc...)

For price, shipping and paypal info. for the SAGE RCA kits, see this blog post...

Suggested Sizing (non-step lip wheels)...

  • 17" wheels (AWD)....20mm 
  • 17" wheels (RWD)....20mm or 25mm
  • 18" wheels (AWD)....20mm or 25mm
  • 18" wheels (RWD)....20mm or 25mm
  • 19" wheels (AWD)....20mm or 25mm
  • 19" wheels (RWD)....20mm, 25mm, or 30mm
  • 20"+ wheels (RWD & AWD)....20mm, 25mm, or 30mm

  • *NOTE: 
    • 3GS = Lexus 2006-2012 GS300, GS350, GS430, GS450H, GS460
    • 4GS = Lexus 2013-2015 GS350 GS450H

    SAGE front 25mm kit installed on a 3GS with OEM stock spring/shock suspension...

    BEFORE Installation of SAGE front 25mm RCA kit on a 3GS (GS300) with OEM stock spring/schock suspension....

    AFTER installation of SAGE front 25mm RCA kit on a 3GS (GS300) with OEM stock spring/schock suspension...


    Dustin Tantum said...

    Do RCAs affect the use of a spare donut tire in the event of an emergency?

    Dustin Tantum said...

    FYI, I have an '09 GS 350 AWD

    Lexi Imports said...


    Sorry, I can't answer that. My 2nd Gen GS has a full-sized spare. If the donut spare does NOT cover the hub (rotors, brake calipers, lower ball joint, etc...), then it should be ok.

    Chris Leslie said...

    Damn, that's a good question Dustin. I'm going to check how my 17" spare fits as well because I'm putting 19" wheels on soon and hadn't even considered how using the spare would've affected. Thanks.